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Why not spreadsheet?

Creating a financial model in a spreadsheet is time consuming, complicated and relatively expensive. However, we have everything ready, the financial model needs only minor adjustments.

Why is my type of business missing?

Write to us, we will add the desired type of business as soon as possible. In general, new financial models are regularly added to Feo. If you wish, we can inform you by sending updates in our newsletter.

My business is too unique...

We are aware that no business is like the other. At Feo we try to take into account all possible planning options and thereby help you.  If you miss something, let us know.

Why I can't create a financial model from scratch?

We want to simplify it for you. Meaning that it's easier to adapt a ready-made financial model to your needs than to create all the links and schemes from scratch.

How is my data protected?

Like in a fortress! We use extremely reliable servers with multi-contour protection and regular backups. All data of our users is strictly confidential and may not be passed on to third parties.

Can I get my money back?

No problem if the product does not meet your expectations.

I keep records in a spreadsheet, how can I transfer the data?

You don't need a lot of data to make a financial model with Feo. You can easily take it from the spreadsheet and paste it into appropriate fields, the system will help you, if necessary.

Is there an offline version available?

No, our service is offered only online.

Is mobile version available?

Unfortunately it is not ready yet, but we are working daily on the development of the mobile version of Feo in the form of an app.

Does Feo provide integration with CRM, and other systems?

In the near future this possibility will be available. We want to automate the process in such a way that you could save your time by not having to do routine tasks.

Is it possible to do management accounting and plan-actual analysis in Feo?

It is possible, but it can be done manually so far. We are working on a full automation of the process.

I am a developer of financial models, can I get a personal offer?

Of course, the Enterprise tariff will suit you best. Contact us to discuss all the terms and conditions of our cooperation.

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