Other capabilities offered by Feo

We are making the service as simple and convenient for you as possible.

Work with a team

Different access rights for employees and partners

International context

Starting a business in another country? Taxes, language and exchange rates — everything works automatically. We operate in Germany & EU. Next, the ASEAN+. After that, Middle East.

Individual recommendations

Comments when filling in data, automatic risk analysis, risk mitigation recommendations and general automated consulting.

Share your presentation

Create a presentation in just one click — the interactive model will be available as a short link.

Consolidation of models

Create individual models or combine any number of models into a larger one

Management accounting

A dashboard of your business. Be fully aware of everything at any time. Integration with CRM and internet banking. Any reports and help in just one click.


Development of a training course on financial fundamentals for children and startuppers

— Video tutorials
— Exciting podcasts
— Thematic articles
— Glossary

Cloud service to store financial models and presentation for investors and banks

— Privacy and security
— Secure blockchain transactions
— Instant sharing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Construction estimate

Simply enter specifications of a facility, and we'll calculate the construction estimate

Selling prices, conversions

Selected automatically based on market indicators

Risks and recommendations

Our AI and ML will study a large number of successful and bankrupt companies to learn how to identify the key factors of success or bankruptcy of businesses


Inflation, taxes — depending on selected region

Analysis of most efficient use of a land plot

We'll analyze the needs in the region and suggest businesses with optimum indicators — for example, construction of an 80-room Hotel & Spa 3*

Secure transactions

Blockchain-based project financing deals on feohub portal

Terms of bank financing

Rates, fees and optimum repayment terms — depending on the banking environment

Data sources

Official public sources, databases, parsing of aggregator data, automated market analysis based on open and fee-based sources


We work on the Project every day. You can see here what is ready and what is still in progress:

Over 80 lines of business
Multiple languages
Selection of a country and tax jurisdiction
Analytics and unit economics
Risk analysis and recommendations
Multi-user mode
Consolidation of projects (consolidated model)
Comparison of projects
Export of a model / spreadsheet / graph to Excel
Creating a presentation
Creating a business plan
Automatic submission of a loan application to your bank
Integration with ERP and banking
Management accounting
Chatbot assistant
Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Feo.hub aggregator
Mobile app

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